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Hello, we are a collaboration of designers, developers, tech, media and business strategy types focused on the user experience.

If it involves the web we can build it.

If it has a screen we can design for it.

Imagine a simple website that connects your business's applications, analytics, and users.

Your tools are in one place, making you more organized, delivering better customer experiences, and outpacing your competition. You'd have more than a website. You'd have an Application Management System.

Our Mission:

Empower the user.   We strive to choose projects that have positive social impact, putting the user experience first, and utilizing the browser to connect us all.

Meet your team.

passion, innovation, and experience

Khalid Robinson

Founder | CEO more_vert

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I never turn down a cup of coffee, I love science fiction and sometimes… I dream in Anime.

Ric Murillo


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I’m a full-stack engineer. I believe web development is not a job but a lifestyle.

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